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How Long Does It Take To Clean Up A Crime Scene

How Long Does It Take To Clean Up A Crime Scene

When a person happens to be a victim of a violent crime, a traumatic accident, or even suicide, the family is often mandated to ensure to carry out clean up of the scene. Days back, crime scene cleanup was done by family members in any manner they can to do it best. But then, cleanup of sites which have some potential biohazards should be done by only the professionals. These people have all that is required to handle the job in the best way possible.

As with any task, a job can be done in a fast possible manner if the right equipment is in place before the day to perform the task.

Right supplies for cleanup in a crime scene

Cleaning crime scene

There is more information regarding the dangers of handling body fluids and other infectious materials at large. Spaulding Decon Greenville therefore, recommends that crime scene cleanup be left to only professionals with an idea of doing it.

Body fluids that are found in crime scenes carry bloodborne pathogens; therefore, there is a need for it to be handled with care, and if possible, it should be done in a fast manner so get it off from other living organisms and people at large.

Time is taken to complete cleaning the crime site


For worst-case scenarios like, for instance, a pedestrian suffering life-threatening injuries, time will be taken to clean up thoroughly. The accident reconstruction specialist can take even up to an hour or more to arrive at the site.

Another few hours will be taken to map out the intersection of the site. For gruesome accidents, time is spent for the fire trucks to wash off all body fluids on the streets. So with our topic, we can conclude that the time spent to clean up a site depends on the severity of the incidence.