Can Socks Give Me Blisters

Can Socks Give Me Blisters

Foot blisters are widespread, especially for runners and people involved in regular workouts. Frequent movements of friction in your feet could be a source of these blisters, and there is a need to find an appropriate way to avoid such effects.

If you are an athlete, you could probably be wondering if to blame your shoes or the running socks that you wear.

Well, compression running socks are meant to keep your feet warm and increase blood circulation in the body hence improving your performances, but may at times they may cause blisters.

How socks are a source of blister formation

Some running socks, especially cotton socks, absorbs more water in your feet, which is the potential to causing blisters if you are running for long distances. They make your feet damp and may exacerbate the formation of blisters.


When these cotton socks are small, the condition is even worsened. The socks absorb sweat or water during cold days and rubs against your skin, leaving your feet with blisters.

The wrong size of the running sicks may also contribute to the formation of blisters in your feet. Going for too tight socks when you’re running shoes are small as well can risk your feet to blisters on your toes.

The continuous running of your shoes and your feet in the tight socks makes you uncomfortable to run effectively due to the formation of blisters on the toes. There is a wide variety of quality socks that can prevent your feet from blisters. You can see more info on amazon on the best pair of running socks to consider.

A hiker showing off his blistered and bandaged toes against a Grand Canyon backdrop.

It is therefore advisable to choose the right pair of quality running socks to prevent blisters formation in your feet. Choose socks with a suitable material such as meron that resists moisture absorption hence protecting your feet against blisters. Choosing the right pair of your running shoes and socks is also recommended to avoid friction while running.

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